Our Adventure to Vance Creek Viaduct, Washington, USA



I'm super stoked I got the job I wanted, so here's a video of my gangster cats. (please ignore my glares to the cameraman...)



Yay first food post on the blog! And it's a mighty delicious post indeed. 
Whenever you want a light, easy, and healthy snack or lunch, whip up this tuna lettuce wrap.



Soooo the photo quality of this post is incredibly awful. What a way to kick off the re-design, huh? I apologize, I guess I just wasn't focusing my phone's camera or something?? I really need to get me that DSLR.

For the past year Zach has been in the Washington State Patrol's Trooper Basic Academy program-as everyone and their mom knows because it's all we ever talk about! 
Well guess what. He finally graduated on March 14, 2014! The whole process was much longer than we had anticipated, but the day finally arrived and it was incredibly sweet.
His sisters and parents came up for the event and we could not have been happier! It had been way too long since seeing them, and our hearts were hurting. Unfortunately Ashley couldn't make the trip, so we really missed her and her little munchkins. But now that he's able to take time off we anticipate traveling to Idaho more regularly!
The shenanigans started off with a visit to the academy. We were able to see where he had been living, what his day-to-day life was like, and just how intense their training process really is. If you'd like to know more about it, click here!



Because blogger decided to not implement any changes I've made to my template, I created a new blog! #gogoogle Here's a picture of Priest Point Park beach for test purposes.

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