June 11, 2014

Expected to Arrive:
December 25th, 2014
When I initially discovered I was pregnant (via pee stick) I estimated myself to be about 5 or so weeks along, with a rough due date of January 8th, 2015. At my first OB appointment they determined I was actually farther along than that, and that Baby Bloomfield would arrive on Christmas Day! I was happy to meet our babe sooner, but not so excited that they'd be a Christmas baby. I feel like their birthday celebrations are always less special because there's so much going on that time of year! Hopefully they'll arrive a little early or late, so the separation is a bit easier.
Although, my baby daddy and I find ourselves being slightly sacreligious when singing Christmas Carols like "Joy to the world! A Bloomfield is born!"

How Far Along:
12 weeks
I still can't believe that there's actually a growing baby in my belly. When I had my first ultrasound I was filled with so many emotions: amazement, happiness, excitement, and shock! It's so strange to me that I'm pregnant. That mine and Zach's child is coming to life inside me.
The shock came again upon hearing Baby B's heartbeat a couple weeks ago. "Our baby is so cute already!" were the only words I could muster!
Sometimes I have little chats with my babe, and then get really emotional and can pretty much only say, "I love you so much! I'm so excited to meet you!"

Morning ALL DAY sickness like nobody's business. Wake up: puke. Eat food: puke. Take pre-natal: puke. Drive: puke. Talk: puke. I couldn't even think about Facebook, Instagram, blogging, or my online courses because they made me sooooo nauseated- which is why I've been kind of MIA. It was loads of fun. Poor Zach was beside himself as he'd hold my hair every couple hours. BUT! At my last doctor appointment my OB didn't prescribe any medication because we're a bunch of hippies up here, but she suggested taking Vitamin B6 in conjunction with half a Unisom sleeping pill every night, and since I started doing that my nausea has disappeared completely! It was a legit miracle. I can wake up before 11 and actually be a productive person! Everyone at work is like "you look human again!" hahah.
I also bought some motion sickness wrist bands and those seem to help, but they leave little bruises on my wrists.
My boss is the sweetest lady and she gave me some essential oils to help with the nausea, which they have!
Other than that I'm just really tired a lot of the time. Oh and hip hip hooray I have pregnancy acne. And just how do you take care of that when you can't use salicylic acid?!?
I'm fairly certain I'm not showing yet, but because I'm so bloated I sometimes look like I am!
Total Weight Gain: (-)3lbs

Sushi Sushi Sushi! I'm so sad I can't eat any of the good stuff.
Harmon's salad bar. Cafe Rio salad. Salad. In fact, every freaking restaurant we left behind in Salt Lake City. Why did we move again? I asked Zach if he'd fly me down if a craving got really bad. He said no. We'll see.
I haven't exactly been craving soda, but I've been drinking A TON of it. I typically never drink it, but it helps calm my stomach so yay I guess. Pictured below: Peach Italian Soda-YUM

Miss Anything:
Welp I feel like this is a selfish thing to admit, but yes, yes, absolutely yes. The husb and I had purchased Disneyland tickets & flights for our anniversary this August, buttttt now we can't go :( I suppose we could still go, but I couldn't ride hardly any rides, which part of me doesn't care because it's Disneyland, and I love just being there! But Zach says he'd feel bad and I'd be grumpy, so I guess we're not going. Instead we're planning on spending a week or so in Salt Lake City to satisfy those cravings, meet up with friends and family, and enjoy the city in which we fell in love!
I miss hot-tubbing, especially since our new apartment has a hot tub!
I'll tell you what I don't miss: pre-pregnancy boobs! The twins are totally awesome as of late.

Most of the time I'm super happy! Zach and I will just sit and talk about our baby and he is just over the moon excited. It's very sweet to witness. However, I have noticed that my road rage has skyrocketed, which isn't a good thing for a plethora of reasons. But maybe that's because I also have a much longer commute than before I was pregnant, so who knows if it's actually hormones or I'm just a mean person. But I'm gonna plead hormones haha. It's not that I'm doing anything crazy/dangerous while driving. Just saying not-so-nice things. Sometimes loudly. I need to work on that!
I also find myself crying over things like the Harry Potter soundtrack, the fact that there's a Cafe Rio in Lynnwood, and when my kittens do something sweet. That's what I get for making fun of overly-emotional people, right?

Here are some more of my favorites from our pregnancy announcement shoot with the ever talented and amazing Kylee Ann Photography!! (the rest can be found {soon} on our Facebook)


  1. Congratulations I'm so excited for you guys!! And don't worry, your little baby will be VERY worth all that throwing up, trust me ;)

    1. Thank you!! We're so excited too :)
      Hahah I believe it! Especially since it's not nearly as bad as what you had to go through!
      By the way, Madelyn is so so adorable!! You guys seem surreally happy

  2. Okay this is the cutest blog post ever. I just read the entire thing. I love it.

    1. It's cute because of the photography!! Which by the way, is actually my favorite photo sesh Zach and I have ever done, so thank you tons for that!!


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