July 7, 2014

Noteworthy occurrences since the last blog post:
I had to use my pretty leather backpack as a barf bag in public the other day. Totally classy. It was very sad... And embarrassing.
In addition to the "morning" sickness, I've been getting headaches every day. I am typically prone to headaches/migraines but am pretty good at avoiding my triggers. However, since becoming pregnant it's like my triggers are suuuuper sensitive! So that's been pretty fun too.
I guess partially because of the headaches, one day, while visiting my parents & brothers, everyone was being super loud and I asked if they could just tone it down and then my brother Ethan exclaimed, "Haleigh, you're making a baby, not a souffle!!"

This is probably my favorite note ever to be left on our love note board. My baby daddy's love for and kindness to me are amazing, and I feel so blessed to be experiencing this with him! I'm reminded daily of how perfect we are together, and all his tremendous qualities as a husband reassure me he'll be a wonderful father too! 

Also, Zach feels obligated to remind me, "You can't just whip out your boobs to get whatever you want!!" something I've apparently been doing. Whatever.

We couldn't resist purchasing this onesie at the Mariners' game the other night! 

Not pregnancy related: I have invested in a waterproof phone case after my 3rd, and crossing my fingers, final water vs phone incident. First I dropped my phone in the Great Salt Lake, then in a glass of water at work, and most recently the (clean, thankfully) toilet. We can't really afford to buy another iPhone, so these extra precautions are necessary. Oh, and luckily my phone was just fine after sitting in rice all day. Hooray!

On the bright side...
I'm getting more and more energy back, so completing homework and making our house cute are now possible! 
I found a new way to get to work! No, this is seriously a big deal. I have about a 35-45 minute commute to my job and it always stresses me out because traffic is sooo bad on the longest part of my route! But I found this back-way that's about 15 minutes faster, through gorgeous countryside, and just so much less stressful! 
It's the little things guys. There are sheep.
We've heard our little babe's heartbeat twice now. The first time at 165 bpm and the second at 152 bpm! Each time we hear it, Zach and I look at each other with the same expression we get when looking at kitties or puppies hahah. Baby Bloomfield is so cute already!!

How we told our families. 3 tests! Just to be sure :) 

At my last OB appointment (15 weeks 4 days) we scheduled the ultrasound that will hopefully allow us to determine the baby's gender!! Unfortunately we still have to wait another 3 weeks and 3 days, but we're SO excited. We took guesses at dinner tonight and every single person feels like baby B is a little girl! We'll  have to wait and see though. I'm just hoping for a human because my dreams have been extremely odd, and our baby has ended up being a cat in all of them. So..... Yeah. A human baby, whatever the gender, will be just fine! We have a definite boy name picked out, and a tentative girl name so I suppose we're set either way!

I lost another 2 pounds since my first appointment, (-5lbs total) but hopefully all the throwing up will stop soon and I can start gaining weight. My doctor is not worried in the slightest, so I probably shouldn't be either. 

We tried to take a cute 'excited to be at the OB' picture at the last appointment, and then this happened. #trexarm

I think that's about all that's happened lately! I'll have to take a progress photo soon because I'm starting to show a little! It really just looks like I need to suck in, except when I'm lying down. But anyway I'm excited about it! So is Zach, he thinks it's adorable. Hopefully it'll stay that way and he won't be too weirded out when I get to the watermelon-smuggling stage!

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  1. Ballsack! I have to write this again. Stupid google, being a jerk.
    Okay. I love all of this! Every part of it, even when you threw up in your bag. You know why? Because Zach is supporting you and being so sweet and loving through it all. That's how it's supposed to be. Coming from someone who didn't get that when they were pregnant, tell him thank you every day and how much you love him no matter what happened that day. Seriously this is amazing. Tell Zach thank you from me for being a real man/gentleman. Haleigh you are so adorable and I love you. Use those boobs every chance you get. They go away too soon. :( and you are going to be the cutest prego girl ever. You'll probably get as big as I did. Which I thought was big, but looking back I was tiny. Any way, I love you, you're too cute and tell Zach thank you.


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